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Movement of the Body [Dec. 2nd, 2010|11:22 am]
Rivkah רִבְקָה

I was looking for dancers and acrobats to study body motion in the shoulders while I’m in bed, sick, and can’t draw, and I stumbled across this FANTASTIC hi-def video online of Italian trapeze artist,  Martina Nova:

I love how much the trapeze artist moves, both slowly and quick, and her muscles are so well defined yet not over-developed, that paired with Anatomy for the Artist (NOT the near-useless Jeno Barsay one!), I can pause and look at all the different muscles. Perfect reference for when you can draw all the bones and muscles and tendons strait on and from the side by heart but want a better understanding of how everything interacts in motion. I have a lot of difficulty with hips and shoulders at certain angles, and those are two of the things that change the most in the video.

Oh, and go to the youtube page to watch in hi-def. Another reason it’s worth watching. :)

There’s a website as well: http://www.martinuzka.it/ Spectacular artist!



[User Picture]From: lilrivkah
2010-12-02 06:58 pm (UTC)
It's a fabulous book! I remember the one anatomy class I took, they used a different "Anatomy for the Artist" book, the one by Jeno Barsay, and it was so useless that when my beau started extolling the virtues of his "Anatomy for the Artist" book, I was like "WAHHH?" Until I realized it was a different author and artist with a book of the same name.

I've also been using a second-hand copy of this Primal Pictures program I found that has 3D CG renderings of the entire body that you can scroll through the layers, including the MRI and tenth-of-a-centimeter photos they took of the guy who donated his body for the project (um, after he died of course). It's a bit graphic, but it's nice being able to rotate and really see where all the muscles connect and then how the fat and skin hang off them. Apparently the project did the same for a female body too, but I don't have that one. But easy enough to figure out anyway. :)
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