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Makin’ Comics [Nov. 29th, 2010|08:09 am]
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Been getting in the habit of penciling my backgrounds first, doing just the barest outline of my characters’ action and actually drawing my people on the computer. Unfortunately, Matt’s 4×6 wacom is painful to use, so I’m trying to figure out how to get my hands on a 6×8 wacom temporarily. Until I can buy one to replace the one I had to sell in Austin (though that one was actually too large).


It will be in color. :)


[User Picture]From: tormentedartist
2010-11-29 03:15 pm (UTC)


These look great, the funny thing is that I thought these were done by a random person and I said to myself" Oh this person is really smart by starting like this". And then I realised it was you. And now it makes sense. On the last panel of the first page how did you get the archs in the background? Did you use a compass, curves or did you freehand it? Also why draw the people on the computer?
[User Picture]From: lilrivkah
2010-11-29 03:50 pm (UTC)


I freehand everything except, occasionally, perspective lines (usually for perspectives that fall off the page). I think it ends up looking more organic that way, and since this is an old house the main character is living in, all the more character!

The people are drawn in the computer because I tend to go through a lot more poses getting them right than I do backgrounds, and drawing too much over the backgrounds and then having to erase and redraw everything gets kind of tedious. So I draw the bare bones of a gesture (except for close-ups for some reason), or indicate head height where I'm not certain on the gesture yet, and flesh out on the computer. It just makes it a lot easier, I think, to keep from trying to draw my background around the characters (which usually makes for wonky backgrounds). I find the perspective I want in the shot, and then after setting it up, I let the characters do their thing. :)

Also, while drawing this, I was still working on final character designs, so it made it easier to not get hung up on style as well. Hopefully with future chapters, I'll be able to integrate the characters more easily. :)
[User Picture]From: lisamantchev
2010-11-29 03:46 pm (UTC)


It's been so long since I could post "YAY! Love!" :)
[User Picture]From: lilrivkah
2010-11-29 03:53 pm (UTC)


:) Life's been busy, and I've been dead focused, so every time I thought, "Oh! I could post this!" another part of my brain insisted, "But you could be DRAWING." -_-;
[User Picture]From: lisamantchev
2010-11-29 05:41 pm (UTC)


I completely understand (new baby in the house has preempted all blogging on my end!)
[User Picture]From: minakokenshou
2010-11-29 04:17 pm (UTC)


*_* Eep, these look fabulous, Rivkah. Beautiful perspective-y backgrounds! I love! <3<3

The 6"x8" wacom is the size I use. Not too small, not too big. I think you'll like it. You might be able to get a refurbished one for cheap through Wacom's website, if they still do that.
[User Picture]From: lilrivkah
2010-11-29 04:19 pm (UTC)


Thanks! I'll have to look into that! I don't need a brand spankin' new one. I used an Intuos 2 just fine. :)
[User Picture]From: lisalees
2010-11-29 06:04 pm (UTC)


I have a 6x8 Wacom tablet I'm not using. I'd be happy to give it to you. If you send me a shipping address via my Livejournal email ( I could probably ship it tomorrow.
[User Picture]From: effulgent_smile
2010-11-29 10:07 pm (UTC)


Really great! How long did you draw one list?